• GT-620

    The new FIA specifi cation FIA8862-2009 is born to grant, through the increasing of body stiffness, a better and uniform protection of the driver, ideally placed in a complete safety cell, in which all the
    components interact. It’s to obtain the reduction of shell flection that seats weights are universally increased, causing some alarm among the teams, that daily work to contain weight of bodies and settings. The weight of GT-620 shell is 8,5Kg,, for a total weight (that includes “impact absorber”, foams, fixing plates and cover) of less than 10 kg, which puts this model at the top of the range.

    The technical list of GT-620 is composed by a lot of
    innovations: the use of high resistance carbon, of
    structural foams, the mix of materials and specific
    stratifications in different sides of shell, the shape
    electronically tested on the most popular models of
    racing cars and the high coefficient of body containment. All of this in addition to the technical characteristics needed to overcome the most severe specification issued on racing seats.