Race Car Fabrication Services


We offers full race car builds. From kit cars to street shells, we provide all services in-house necessary bring your dream race car to life. Our cars meet all requirements established on the rulebook as per sactioned racing clubs.

Roll Cage Fabrication

Our machine shop have the right tools to make your roll cage safe and professionally done.

Race Engine Builds

Lets put you on par with those other guys who spend thousand on their race engine. Here's the best part. Any quote they give you we will beat their prices.

Full race car preparation

Our staff is prepared with over 35 years of engineering experience under our belt, we are your best source for high quality engineering work. Contact us to obtain a quote.

Custom parts

If the part that you need doesn't exist, we create it for you. Our machine shop have the latest high tech tools to achieve and exceed your expectations.

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