Baez Racing Motorsports, LLC (BRM) is an auto racing servicing company that provides track support at the State of Florida, USA. 

On our warehouse, we provide race car fabrication, maintenance and race car storage. Also, we have race cars available for rent for Motorsports events from track days up to door-to-door competition. 

About Us


Baez Racing Motorsports, LLC (BRM) is a small, South Florida-based for full track support (track days and racing weekends), automobile racing parts, and customization services. BRM was founded on the idea that maintaining satisfied customers is essential to keep a friendship relationship out clients. With this in mind, BRM will be working hard to ensure that all of their customer's expectations are exceeded in all aspects of our job. To maintain a presence within the racing community and close relationships to customers, Baez Racing Motorsports will be an active member of the local racing scene through participation and sponsorship on FARA, NASA, HDPE, SCCA, HOD, and others.

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